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AudaxCeph is orthodontic software used for cephalometric analyses with auto tracing, superimpositions, STO/VTO, documentation auto reporting and photograph management

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With AudaxCeph you can…

Turn x-rays to information: X-rays are a valuable input for the diagnostic process. Just make formal reports out of them. Find hidden discrepancies or patients face disharmony and use downstream applications to create skull growth projections, treatment plans, predictions, and simulations. Besides that, you can study the overall treatment outcome by superimposing statuses at different times during the treatment process.

Save your valuable time:
Thousands of x-rays were traced in order to build learning set for the Artificial Integlligence box. We named it TINA because Tracing Is Now Automatic. This huge timesaver which you will love instantly not only saves time but also prevents you from doing boring and tedious work. If you aren’t using artificial intelligence in your office yet, change that with Audax Ceph.

Organize your documents:
During the treatment, several documents like X-rays, images, vector files, and PDFs are created. All of these documents will always be at your fingertips and available when needed. This is exactly what document management inside AudaxCeph provides. Forget searching through different folders on your computer. AudaxCeph makes them available in a single location, saved and encrypted by the latest safety standards and ready to be shared accross the local network.

Present the treatment: Cephalometric software can be more than just a diagnostic tool for clinical work. Your software must also help you:

  • sell the treatment;
  • show the results of the treatment;
  • explain the progress of treatment to your patients.

What is more attractive than comparing photographs from different stages of the treatment and at the end showing the treatment progress from the initial to the final stage in a personalized video. Use AudaxCeph video maker to do it.

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