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Providing a simple solution for all your diagnostic needs, the Clearay DC Intraoral X-Ray System is an affordable way to introduce high-frequency technology to your practice. The intuitive generator optimizes contrast and image definition to help you obtain sharp images that are easy to diagnose.

DC Intraoral X-ray Unit Advantages

  1. Lower X -Ray Dose
  2. Longer life for RVG sensors
  3. Main Voltage Variation Immunity
  4. KV Selection Options
  5. Intelligent COntrol
  6. Consistent Image Quality
  7. Lower Weight
  8. More Inventive Less Invasive

The Clearay DC has a 0.4 mm focal spot ensuring sharp and contrasted image. With its DC technology be assured of low dosage.

Preset Function

It comes pre-programmed with quick settings for different exposure value combinations. Imaging parameters are automatically retrieved according to the selected exposure region and the diagnostic need, and values can also be manually adjusted if necessary

Clearay DC Features

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Assured Quality & Safety
  • Clear & Simple Interface
  • High Compatibility to various imaging techniques
  • Made In India

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