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Thanks to an advanced optical compartment and to an automatized motion system, Maestro allows in few minutes a full simultaneous digitization of several models in a single work session. Moreover, thanks to the innovative supplied software, it reduces at minimum the manual user intervention.

Maestro is the desktop scanner for general purpose applications that offers the best quality/price ratio. The systems of Maestro line capture the cloud points data of 3D objects quickly, if compared to a fraction of the cost of lasers scanners. The system is devoted to the automatic 3D acquisition of small dimension objects. The system is thought to simplify and automate the scanning process of 3D objects. Maestro 3D desktop scanner allows the user to get the open STL files, in a simple and intuitive way, with a precision of 10 micron, that leaves the user the free choice of CAD/CAM, reverse engineering and modeling applications developed by third parties.


Dental Scanner MDS500
Calibration Kit and Calibration Module
Impression Scaning Module

2nd Axis – Tilt module – This module is useful to scan impressions, implants or objects with complex undercuts.
Texture Color Superimposition module – This module is useful to obtain models with a RGB color texture or grey scale. For example it helps create very accurate margin lines as marked on the model.
Advanced – Complete acquisition of undercuts and inlay preparations.
Quick – 2/3 minutes for scanning and digitizing a work session: more models contemporarily (8 models simultaneously).
Automatic – The scan and digitization of data actually acquired for reaching the final 3D model is totally automatic and does not need of any manual user intervention.
Stable – The projected light parameters and the camera parameters are automatically adjusted according to the environmental lighting, to material properties and to the colour of the model to scan.
Robust – The scanner does not need of any periodical manutention or optical recalibration.
Parallel – Simultaneous acquisition of more than one model in a single work session.

Simple – The objects to scan can be placed in the scanner without any care, without compromising the accuracy of the result. Also the undercuts of real objects do not require of particular attention. It is possible to acquire more models simultaneously.
Accurate – The high levels of precision of the system are guaranteed by the advanced optical subsystem and by the use of two high resolution cameras with high quality lenses.
Free – The Maestro 3D scanner leaves the full freedom of choice of CAD/CAM, reverse engineering and modeling applications developed from third parties.
Integrable – Thanks to the supplied S.D.K. (Software Development Kit), Maestro 3D scanner allows to integrate his potentialities inside other applications.
Complete – Thanks to the suite of supplied programs, Maestro 3D scanner drives the user along the whole scanning pipeline, from the acquisition of a single cloud of points up to the completion of the post-processing on three-dimesional data (recording/alignment of the clouds of points, fusion of the point clouds data in a single model, simplification/decimation of the final model, smoothing and hole filling).

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