iTero Element Series

The new iTero Element Plus Series of scanners and imaging systems builds on the success of the award-winning iTero Element family and offers all of the existing orthodontic and restorative digital capabilities.

iTero Element 5D+ – Download the Product Catalog
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iTero Element 5D+

Download the Product Catalog

The new iTero Element Plus Series of scanners and imaging systems builds on the success of the award-winning iTero Element family and offers all of the existing orthodontic and restorative digital capabilities doctors have come to rely on — plus faster processing time and advanced visualization capabilities for a seamless scanning experience in a new sleek, ergonomically designed package. Available in both cart and mobile configurations, the iTero Element Plus Series offers increased flexibility and mobility. The mobile configuration makes the power of the iTero Element Plus Series portable with a medical grade, compact mobile scanner solution that delivers the same high-quality images as the cart configuration.

iTero claim that the Plus Series options will enhance visualization for an optimized patient experience, with higher brightness, plus clearer and more vivid images. They also claim faster and more seamless scanning with a 20% decrease in waiting time for scans to process. Additionally, there is a dedicated AI chip in these computers, which is said to enable future AI-based features. We will have to wait to see if these claims are true.
iTero Element 5D scanner cart looks much better than the older version. It is said to be engineered with wider viewing angles, to aid in treatment plan discussions with your patients. It also has a built-in sleeves container for the scanner on the back of the cart which is a nice quality of life addition.

Part of this new Plus Series, is the portable version of the iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile configuration. This is a medical grade, compact portable scanner. It also has a VESA mounting, possibly enabling to be fixed to a dental chair. Although there has always been portable scanner-only option for the iTero scanners that enabled use with any laptop, this custom built mobile computing unit is a great idea and ensures that the scanner will perform as the engineers at iTero have intended.

iTero Element Flex 2D

Download the Product Catalog

iTero Element 2 Intraoral Scanner delivers imaging precision in a compact footprint using tools that are strong.

An intuitive user interface is provided by the Element two system for performing scans for Orthodontic use or Indices. The doctor is guided by means of text assistance and visual via the arrangement. Wand buttons and the touch screen are used to respond to display instructions.

A scan feature that preserves natural occlusion whilst getting detailed registration is offered by the iTero Element.

The iTero Element 2 was created for better functionality with 2x and 25% quicker scanning processing period compared to this iTero Element.

The iTero Element 2 includes a 21.5-inch screen and 16:9 widescreen viewing format. It has an integrated lithium-ion battery, which allows without the need to reboot or to plug in for power for transfer between operatories. The iTero Element 2 includes an ergonomic, based cradle.

Like most Element scanners, both Element Flex and the Element two are made to operate with existing restorative and corrective workflows, such as open STL export, custom made models, laboratory workflows, custom implant abutment, and chairside milling partners. According to the company, all iTero Element scanners create full-color 3D scans.

Element 2 and Element Flex scanners are now available in the United States and the vast majority of European nations. They are available in Asia Pacific markets and are pending acceptance in Canada. The Element scanner that is iTero will last to be available in most markets.

iTero Element 2 BENEFITS:

iTero TimeLapse Technology:
Compare historical and current scans and quantify important oral changes over time – helping your patient reach care decisions in a more engaging and informed way.

Invisalign® Outcome Simulator:
Engage patients and increase conversion by showing patients the actual potential benefits of Invisalign treatment.

3D Invisalign Progress Assessment Feature:
Compare a patient’s new scan with a precise stage of their Invisalign treatment plan.

Real-time 3D Visualizations:
Help patients understand oral concerns by sharing a visualization right at chairside.

Vibrant Colour Scanning:
Realistic colour images make it easier to distinguish between gingival and dental tissue for more precise clinical evaluations.

High-Definition Touch screen Interface:
Scanned images appear instantly with crisp definition on the 19-inch, high-definition, multi-touch-capable display. The display also works with latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves.

Certified Connectivity Workflow:
Designed to connect to restorative and orthodontic labs, third-party treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chair side milling and lab CAD/CAM systems.


  • Restorative and orthodontic workflows
  • Optimized Invisalign connectivity
  • Visualization tools
  • Chairside milling integration

iTero Element 2  Specifications:

  • Maximum height:  51.8″
  • Weight with wheel stand: 55.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions including rotation (W x D x H): 24.6″ x 23.4″ x 51.8″
  • Operating power: 100-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 350VA (max)
  • Storage/transportation temperature:  23° to 122°F
  • Installation: Wheel stand with scanner wand
  • Monitor: 19″ touchscreen monitor
  • Scanner: Confocal Imaging Scanner emits red laser light (680 nm Class 1) as well as white LED emissions
  • Wireless LAN: LAN card provides local network communications with wireless connectivity